At 2G (Second Generation) Water Solutions, we are your local specialists in grey water conversions and other water saving upgrades: helping average homeowners do their part to help fight California’s drought.


Use your water twice with Grey water. Bath/Shower and Laundry water can be used a second time, and rerouted to your landscape.


Rain water can be captured on your property, saved, and used at a later time. Storm water can be effectively routed and managed on site.


A beautiful and responsible landscape can be yours. Vibrant colors, and lower water usage can be realized with a Second Generation landscape.


Second Generation offers consulting, planning, and permitting services for business and residential customers. We will help you optimize your water plan.

L2L Greywater System

The easiest and least expensive first step to help fight California’s terrible drought is the installation of a Laundry to Landscape System (L2L). L2L systems use the clothes washer’s internal pump to distribute greywater directly to the receiving landscape and into the required mulch basins. The biology of the mulch basin and surrounding soil is the treatment system that digests organic debris, soap, and any potential pathogens.

By installing an L2L system you will save water, irrigate more, recharge the local water table, and lessen the burden on the local sewer system, all while saving money. Take the first step toward a sustainable future with 2Gwater!

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