Partner with Second Generation Water

Is your company interested in offering Grey water retrofits as a service to your clients but don’t know where to start? Consider partnering with Second Generation Waters established affiliate program and we can offer your business the ability to offer an immediate turnkey grey water solution.

You generate the leads from your database and list grey water on your site. We will handle the rest!

  • Staff training for your team,
  • Client consultation,
  • Labor,
  • Parts,
  • Installations,
  • After installation Client Support,

**all performed on behalf of your company. We will train your sales staff on the ins and outs of grey water to help them sell, who are and are not appropriate clients, and map out the many benefits of your clients installing a system.

We believe that the key to a good relationship is openness and trust. If you have any questions on the program please let us know and we will answer you promptly. If you want to send us an email, you can do so at​​