Native and Drought Tolerant Landscaping Solutions

Second Generation Water has partnered with industry leading landscape design firm Wildflora.  Wild Flora specializes in native and drought tolerant plants.  Please let us know if you’d like landscaping to be part of your overall quote.  Visit Wild Flora!

Meet the Designers

Michael Scholtz
Finding inspiration from the Hudson River School of Painters Transcendentalist Movement from his roots in the Hudson Valley of New York, Michael’s journey has led him to California, where the natural beauty of the state really appeals to him. Michael strives to bring forth nature in design, referencing the intrinsic, local beauty the earth provides in every design created. After obtaining his degree in Landscape Architecture and working for Landscape Architecture/Construction firms, Michael now dedicates his time fully to the WildFlora Landscape Design Studio as lead designer, focusing on using native & drought tolerant plant materials.

Tim Devlin
Plant material has been a part of Tim’s life for as long as he can remember.  Growing up in the Mid-Atlantic region, Tim spent countless hours outdoors as a youngster preforming plant propagation experiments and building tree forts. Tim’s love of plant material and the ability to express creativity in outdoor environments led him to obtain a degree in Landscape Architecture. Tim approaches a landscape design project as a painter approaches a blank canvas. With a clear vision, the possibilities are endless.
Up until recently, Tim has been practicing in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and has been involved in landscape projects of varying scales including college campuses, U.S. Embassys, transit orientated design (TOD), storm water management facilities, streetscape renovation, residential landscapes, and temporary art installations.  From a container garden to master plan, Tim’s love of the design process and attention to detail bring something special to each project. Tim’s desire to express a level of honesty and environmental responsibility in design led him to California and to joining the team at WildFlora as a landscape and botanical designer.

Alex Manzano
Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, there is no question that Alex is a worldly man. Traveling over 40 countries, Alex has gained a lot of inspiration from gardens and architecture all over the world. Alex has his degree in Geography from the University of Barcelona and his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Alex is currently enjoying his time stateside living in Los Angeles and bringing a unique perspective to the WildFlora Landscape Design team. ​

Second Generation offers full service landscape services to their clientele. With over 20 years installation and maintenance experience in the Los Angeles and Orange County region we can design and maintain the ideal landscape for our clients. We are able to carry the project from beginning to end from consultations, plans and permitting, to installations and long term maintenance.

Our ongoing mission is to build a landscape that adds beauty to our clients homes, while at the same time functions in a responsible and sustainable manner. We emphasize drought tolerant and native landscape designs, and wherever possible will work to tie in Rainwater Catchment systems as well as Grey water systems to areas requiring additional regular watering. With a Second Generation Landscape the end goal is reduced water usage, combined with a vibrant landscape.  Contact us for your quote today.

Landscape pricing:

Pricing for each project is unique, * Depends on size, topography, & overall goals for the property.​
But as a starting guide including assessment, consultation, and installation:
Front Yard: $1.5k-3K. Whole Yard: $3.5-$5.5K