Rain Water

Second Generation Installs Basic Rain Water Systems, and our team has been professionally trained by The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, and lead technical installer Aaron is an accredited professional with the http://www.arcsa.org​

Why Rain Water?

The Rebates. $300 per system, 4 barrels or one cistern. http://socalwatersmart.com/
The Frequency. With rain water you can water every day, or save it for a rainy day!
Back up Plan. In case of a disaster you’ll have an on site emergency water supply.

Installation Packages

Any Package of ours may be customized on price, product, and fittings

  • The Basic
    • One down spout diverter with screens with connections to link the tanks.
    • Spigots for the garden hose
    • Blocks and a treated wood base for elevation to increase pressure, and an overflow connection on first or last barrel
    • Half day installations available.
    • Upfront cost will be $600, with homeowners eligible in most communities in Southern California eligible for $300 in rebates!
    • Clients can also order their own barrels or through us, and just pay Second Generation for connections and labor.
    • *Custom paint can be done for your barrels at a cost
  • The Drought Buster
    • 1 530 Gallon slim line tank
    • 1 Down spout diverter with screens and connections
    • Parts
    • Single day installation
    • All labor costs.
    • Free tune up in first year, unlimited phone support first year.
  • ​The Difference​ Maker
    4 500 Gallon Tanks or two 1,000 gallon tanks connected.
    • $3000: Parts, Labor, Connections.
    • Connecting to two down spouts
    • 2 Leaf filters
    • Pipe connections for overflow
    • One year free technical support; phone and video.​​​​
  • Custom Installations
    $1,000 and up
    Systems can be a hybrid of those listed here and include the following components
    • Above ground or below ground storage.
    • Pumps
    • Filters
    • Expanded storage

**A note on cost estimates and consultations for rain water systems. For the $300 special we won’t need to do an in person consultation, a phone call will suffice. For the larger systems we should do an in person assessment, and the cost for that is $100 for a visit and the quote. That will be included in the overall package total you purchase. For larger consultations the hourly rate is $75 per hour. All consultations are reviewed by an ARCSA Accredited Professional. Members listed at; http://www.arcsa.org/